Forgive/Forget, Leave With What You Came For 7"

More than two decades ago, Sammy (YOT, Judge), Brian (Battery, Ashes), and j. english (Six Going on Seven) hit it off and shared a whirlwind recording session with hopes of launching forgive/forget as a full-time band. Then, life happened, the project was shelved and this brief moment of hardcore history was nearly lost to time.

We're happy to bring you the forgive/forget EP on vinyl for the first time. It's a little Seaweed, it's a little Samiam, but it's a lot more: you can hear the influence of pioneers like Mission of Burma and Rites of Spring. Available on clear blue, blue/white mix (it’s a tough color to describe, maybe “cloudy blue”), and red (available at Revelation Records). This pressing is limited to 500 overall.