Forgive/Forget, Leave With What You Came For 7" 7" EPs


More than two decades ago, Sammy (YOT, Judge), Brian (Battery, Ashes), and j. english (Six Going on Seven) hit it off and shared a whirlwind recording session with hopes of launching forgive/forget as a full-time band. Then, life happened, the project was shelved and this brief moment of hardcore history was nearly lost to time.

We're happy to bring you the forgive/forget EP on vinyl for the first time. It's a little Seaweed, it's a little Samiam, but it's a lot more: you can hear the influence of pioneers like Mission of Burma and Rites of Spring. Available on clear blue, blue/white mix (it’s a tough color to describe, maybe “cloudy blue”), and red (available at Revelation Records). This pressing is limited to 500 overall.